Reno Jewelry, Serving Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe Northern Nevada region,

and the rest of the United States online.

Bring your business to the Spirit of Reno Jewelry, Smith Jewelry

Old time shopping atmosphere of the past, for the best crafted, real jewelry, Jewelry MFG, some of that of Art Town Artists.

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Season fashions begin every year, at Smith Jewelry, with spring jewelry

We create, manufacture and offer only the very best jewelry, real jewelry, we create and from top gold and silver, Smith Jewelers, family Jewelry MFG facilities, the line of Spring Jewelry, will be leading the coming years season fashions, so you can buy to wear the in fashion jewelry, including diamond fashions,

Our product lines include traditional, retro vintage,  and new designs

Leading the industry with our unsurpassed, investment-worthy, gemstones and diamond collections, of breathtaking designs and exceptional craftsmanship. We are the only exclusive distributors with the widest selection of the best quality, Italian Sterling, and Italian Gold Chain . Our Cowgirls, Cowboy Jewelry, Montana Jewelry, lines are a big part of Reno Jewelry. We create the most exclusive prehistoric, genuine, fossil, Shark tooth, teeth and Claw, Dinosaur Jewelry, line that is most world wide unique.
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Reno Silver retro vintage colletion

At smith jewelry shows you can find every thing from rings to megalodon teeth
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